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A funny, smart, and sophisticated novel that poses the question: Can any woman really have it all - twice? Reminiscent of Anne Tyler and Jeanne Ray, but with a contemporary, witty, compulsively readable sensibility all its own, Confessions of a Bigamist is part of a new wave of novels filling a growing niche in the market for fiction that appeals to today's woman. more >>

Praise for Confessions of a Bigamist

"In Confessions of a Bigamist, novelist Kate Lehrer spins a fantastically funny yarn about a woman who wants it all, and gets it all, twice." - Vanity Fair

"Kate Lehrer takes us right to the edge and then seamlessly over the edge without a protest. Confessions of a Bigamist is quite revolutionary, even in these times." - Gail Godwin, author of Evenings at Five

"What fun it is to read this book, to watch the imaginative plot unfold, to laugh at the accurate renderings of detail, to be touched by the poignancy of the characters, but mostly to be faced in the end with the compelling question of identity, to ponder the things we do to feed the hungers of a growing self." - Elizabeth Strout, author of Amy and Isabelle


"This is really a man's book - a revelatory warning about how dangerous the woman in your life could be." - Bob Woodward

"A great escape." - Newsweek

"A wonderfully readable novel about an engaging woman living out a 'captain's paradise' with two separate loves and selves. Or is this a bad dream? This compelling and surprising story takes a sharp and sensitive look at the longings and impossible dreams of one modern woman." - Susan Shreve, author of Plum & Jaggers

"Kate Lehrer's Confessions of a Bigamist is a sparkling and ingeniously plotted novel, with many well-engineered twists and turns and with something both witty and serious to say about identity problems for women today." - Madison Smartt Bell